Puzzle Games

Coin Matcher - Puzzle

"Whiture Studios proudly presents a brain teaser, android's greatest time killer mind blowing puzzle game, Coin Matcher.With this unique puzzle game, you will find one of the best android graphics, animations and sounds. The goal of the game is simple, connect the coins or chips with the same color and number. While connecting, you will have to cover all the empty boxes. Though, it seems simple puzzles, but believe us, this is really brain exercising puzzle game. With 5 by 5, 6 by 6 and 7 by 7 boards, you will find the puzzle game, taking you to difficult levels and help your brain exercised. The game has 300 puzzles, 100 puzzles on each boards, all are free to play. No extra buying for unlocking new puzzles. The gaming experience on the puzzles is simply awesome, we made every single thing very shuttle, more encouraging and most importantly the best gaming experience you are going to carry out of solving 100s of puzzles. The puzzle is ideal for any body, including child, adults and literally everyone. So, go and download this app, get yourself lost on the world of brain teasers. :)"

Match Box - Free Square Puzzle

"This is a mind blowing puzzle game, you will have to match the square with different pieces. There are around 200 puzzles available for you to keep your brain with lots thinking exercises. Puzzle pieces are Tetris shaped ones which makes us feel more involved on the game. There are three different puzzle boards ( Wood Board, Paper Board, Plain White Board) available for you to play. The puzzle pieces are made of color sketched effects which makes the game play more engaging and interesting. Kids will love the user interface and play often to improve their puzzle solving skills. So download this mind blowing puzzle game, solve & enjoy the beautiful user interface. Please do NOT forget to rate us and leave your valuable comments for us to improve this further."

Crorepati Quiz Game

"The app is a fantastic quiz game with 1000s of general knowledge questions on Current Affairs, World, India etc. One should enrich their general knowledge about various such topics. This app is a perfect example for everyone to learn about general knowledge through an interesting game.
Please do rate the app and leave your feedback about this. We would be happy to improve upon the app and include more and more GK questions."

Tamil Crorepati Quiz Game

This is an android app I brought to everyone of us to improve our general knowledge in tamil language in an unique way. The app will present 12 questions in tamil in each stage, as you answer correctly, you will progress through next question. Your score will also increase, by the time you answer 12th question correctly, you would have scored 1 crore or Oru Kodi. The app will present all the questions in simple tamil mixed with English terms, so it is easy to read and understood.What are you waiting for, we have added nearly 1000 questions in tamil, you will not see the questions are repeating often. Play as much time you want, and improve your knowledge greatly with this app.