Racing Games

Moto Racing 3D

Moto Racing 3D is a fabulous racing game you can find in play store now. You really have to put your hands on this game to believe how immense the racing experience one can have. Unlike other racing games, it has several features such as, LIFE LIKE DRIVING EXPERIENCE. That means, you will have a real world bike mechanics, gear shifting, wheel balancing, driver adjusting to left and right movements etc. The bike engine is throttled by applying real-world torque based on how long you press the gas pedal. The braking is an excellent system, you will see closer to reality. You have on-screen controls for acceleration, braking, left and right steering movement. Also, you can enable your device accelerometer control for steering in the game settings. So, what are you waiting for, go and take the wheels, drive bumper to bumper on traffic vehicles, burn some tire tirelessly. As you race through various levels, you will learn most of the bike driving concepts. The scoring system is based on how many miles you travel along with how close you are with respect to the traffic vehicles.

Chennai Auto Game

All true Chennai lovers,Here is a game specially designed for you all, An enthralling, hot, smoky, jumpy and killing ride on an Auto Rickshaw, tuk-tuk, yellow creatures whose whole purpose is to navigate you through the heavy traffic, always crowded, busy streets of Chennai. If you ask any foreigner, what they want to do in Chennai, on their list of to-do list, surprisingly you will find manning the yellow tuk-tuk auto rickshaw creature on chennai hot traffic roads. Yes, exactly, how about taking an auto on highways, drive through various terrains, water body bridges on heavy traffic congested roads? With this game, we are bringing the experience to your android mobile devices. NAMMA CHENNAI, NAMMA AUTO. Total Whistle Podu for every one of us. Take the auto on highways and drive crazy. You can also share your scores in Google Leaderboards, share it with your friends and relatives. This is totally a fantastic Chennai Racing game for killing your time, you will just keep playing it.